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Here at Tree Surgeon Blackburn are experts in the art of hedge trimming. As hedges need regular care and pruning to keep them healthy and in shape we provide our services to local’s so that you can take care of the more important things in life, whilst we sculpt your hedges in a way that beautifies your landscape.

Our team will work closely with you to trim, shape, or cut just about any size hedge imaginable! We can trim small features hedges to large conifers. Our expert tree surgeons are able to identify all the hedge species from formal hedges to informal hedges to best provide the best trimming technique. So that your hedges are left in beautiful shape and allow natural regrowth.

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Types of hedges and shrubs

The types of hedges and shrubs we work on :

  1. Hedgerow’s- These are usually pruned in the summer, but not all grow at the same rate so will require different needs.
  2. Conifers – These are best pruned between April and the end of august.
  3. Beech- These species should be pruned in early or late summer. Mature Beech hedges should be cut back in winter.
  4. Privet- These hedges should be cut & trimmed through spring and summer to encourage branching at the base and root development

Hedge trimming requires arboriculture knowledge, to be able to identify different species and provide the best course of treatment to encourage healthy growth. Are expert tree surgeons are certified arborist and can provide this knowledge/expertise so your hedges are well looked after. If your require hedge trimming services in Blackburn don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Frequently asked questions

What Month is best to trim hedges?

The best time to trim hedges in the UK is early spring to late summer, for species such as deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges then it is best during dormant season. It is also best check for any birds’ nests before trimming. Bird don’t tend to nest in the winter.

Can my neighbour cut my hedge without permission?

Your neighbour can only cut overhanging hedges or branches that come into there garden. Don’t be pressured to cut hedges or trees in your garden as long as they’re not causing any issues or harm to the surrounding environment, just because your neighbour doesn’t like the look of your hedges or trees.

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