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tree removal in Blackburn



Tree Surgeon Blackburn Offers a comprehensive tree felling service to both domestic and commercials customers across Lancashire. You have decided the tree has to go, could be for several reasons such as, because the tree is hazardous, you need to clear the space for a landscape project or simply want to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape. We’ve got you covered. Our certified arborists have extensive experience in removing trees. Our Experienced Tree Surgeons have dealt with tree’s of all shapes and sizes and can navigate through the tightest spaces whilst keeping nearby properties and structures safe from damage.

You may require our tree felling services, if you have decided to remove your tree for several reasons such as, the tree has become hazardous, you need to clear the space for landscape project or simply want to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Our team of expert arborist within Blackburn Tree Surgeon will asses your trees condition and location to mastermind a safe and efficient removal plan. We have various methods on hand to remove any tree regarding its complexity. From tree felling to crane removal.

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Tree felling is the process of cutting down a standing tree and dropping it in a designated direction or drop zone. Tree felling also has synonyms you may of heard of, but all mean the same thing which are, tree removal, downed trees or logging.

Tree Felling/removal have several methods that can be used to complete the task such as, crane removal, bucket removal , section felling or Tree felling. The method used will be dependent on the size, location & access to implement the best method to achieve the desired results.


There are a number of advantages to tree felling, especially when it comes to improving the health of your trees. Tree felling can help to:

  1. Remove dead and dying branches that could fall and cause damage
  2. Reduce the risk of disease by removing infected branches
  3. Help improve the overall shape and appearance of your tree
  4. Make it easier to carry out maintenance on your tree in the future.

Tree felling is an important part of tree care and can help to keep your trees healthy for many years to come. If you have any concerns about the health of your trees, or if you would like more information about tree felling, please contact Eastbourne Tree Services today.


Tree felling is a dangerous task and should only be carried out by trained professionals. Before any work begins, the area around the tree must be checked for overhead power lines and other hazards.

The tree must be correctly supported before any cuts are made.

When cutting the tree, care must be taken to avoid damaging nearby property or injuring people.

After the tree has been cut, the stump must be removed to prevent regrowth.

Tree felling can be a complex and dangerous task. If you are not sure about doing it yourself, please contact Tree Surgeon Blackburn for expert advice and assistance.

What months can you not cut down trees?

Due to the Wildlife and Countryside Act Trees can not be cut down during Nesting season, which is usually between March and the end of July. It is important to note that this months vary to different species, but it’s always best to check your trees or hedges in question for any signs of nests in use. You can consult with our team of experts here at Tree Surgeon Blackburn, we will be happy to provide advice and a free quote.

Tree Removal Blackburn FAQs

Does my tree need to be felled Blackburn?

Tree felling is not always necessary. Some common signs that you should fell your trees are damaged trees, decaying trees, pest-infested trees, and trees causing structural damage. Sometimes, tree issues can be resolved with tree pruning. We will carry out a full tree assessment before deciding on the best course of action to take.

Will You clean up after tree removal Blackburn?

After we have removed the tree, there will be a leftover stump over, root pieces, dirt clods and wood chips. We will ensure to clean all the debris leftover from tree felling and recycle where necessary.

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